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It’s up to us to make the world we want

Do you want to live a new experience of sharing and solidarity? Help us create the new Emmaus community of Aselogna. We’re waiting for you!


  • +39 320 0418750
  • +39 045 6337069
  • Application form: DOC , ODT , PDF

What is an Emmaus community?

  • Emmaus communities founded by Abbé Pierre in 1949 in France are places of welcome, sharing of life and work in order not to be assisted. Sharing to serve the last people, and to become instigators of a new society.
  • «Living, working, serving, together» (Abbé Pierre)


  • We have renovated and adapted some buildings received for a free use for the next 40 years by GAV foundation of Verone in order to create the new Emmaus community of Aselogna.


  • Collection door to door of reusable objects
  • Selection of collected objects
  • Second-hand sell
  • Arrangement of the different community areas

Events and leisure time

  • Tours of Verona, Venice, Mantua, Ferrara…
  • Ferrara Busker Festival (from 22nd to 31st August)
  • Excursions to Garda Lake and the nearby mountains
  • Meetings of analysis about current topics concerning Emmaus commitment
  • Creative ateliers
  • Music instruments will be available
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